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There are no tutorials on Games By Nemiz yet. The website is new, and I'm still thinking about, what would be a fitting first tutorial.


2017-08-19 - Almost up and running, now what?


Now what?


Games and game development has always had my interest, and I have often thought about setting up a website with the purpose of eventually becoming a full-time game developer. Now that the website is up and running, and the first game, BeWHEELdering is in the polishing stages, I find myself asking the question, "Now what?". Should I go straight to the development of the next one, should I try to release BeWHEELdering on Android, iOS and other platforms? Or should I maybe add my now obsolete, unfinished game project Another Rocket Game to the website as a courtesy to myself and the years spent developing it? Or maybe I should start a blog asking myself these very questions? Wait a minute...


Developing Games


The fact of the matter is, that I enjoy developing games. I haven't always spent my time doing so, but the times that I have, I always thought it was extremely engaging and interesting. It never mattered whether it was developing the game from scratch, whether it was a mod or level for an existing game or if it was, what I am doing now - developing games in a fully featured Game Engine. It's just fun. Plain and simple. Although it has never been easier developing games, it does however take time, and even with all the help you can get from game engines, there are many many aspects of the game development proces, you have to take into consideration to complete even a simple game.


A simple game


BeWHEELdering is a simple game. It started out mostly as a research project, which I could use to learn some of the basics of game development in Unity, but ended up being the first game released on I got the idea for a sorting game with a vehicle, before stumbling on to the free 2D sprite pack in the Unity Store, which was simply perfect for the purpose. Sorting wheels with a car seemed like an interesting idea and one, which would allow me to explore several parts of the 2D game development essentials of Unity - collision detection, gravity, spawning game objects at runtime, combining game objects, sound, music, animations, UI, scenes etc. etc. All in all I learned a lot from developing BeWHEELdering, and I'm quite pleased with the end result


Hall Of Highscores


From 2010 to 2014, my brother arranged yearly trips to an Arcade Museeum, at which you could play the good old arcade games from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The purpose of the trip was to enjoy the nostalgia of playing old games, but a competition to see who would get the most highscores was also arranged every year. That part of the trips was especially captivating for me and one of my friends (you may recognise him as Tick, if you've been looking at highscores ). The part of playing games, where you compete with eachother, either in "vs" modes, or by trying to get the highest of scores has always been one of the things I enjoy most about playing games, so it felt like a natural part of my game development venture to integrate a highscore system with a website. It's here and it's called The Hall Of Highscores.


The tutorials of a generalist


I'm not a game development expert. Not by a long-shot. Even though I technically developed my first game over 25 years ago and even though I technically have spent some 5-10 years developing games, I am still what you would call a beginner. I do however have years of experience with software development in general, and I'm not affraid to experiment with new things. And since I learn a lot and stumble upon excellent how-to advice and irritating caveats while doing so, sharing some advice now and again seems like a good idea. Therefore, I plan to add some tutorials to this blog, whenever I feel I have something to share. The tutorials could be about everything from how to create new sprites from existing ones and where to find good music for a game to how to write code and how to release for a specific platform. I am a generalist, which means that I'm not an expert in any specific area, but that I do a lot of things in many different areas fairly well. The tutorials will of course reflect this.


The first blog entry


Well. That concludes the first entry in the blog on I don't know how often I will write something in the blog yet, but I know I think a lot about game development and games in general. Surely some of these thoughts belong on a blog. Time will tell. In the meantime, please enjoy playing my games


Nemiz out.


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