The Lists

So far, only two games have been released on Games By Nemiz, but many others exist in the idea stage and development has been started up on a few of them. The plan is to release many games over the years, both small and medium (no large ones, unless I get more hands on deck). Below I keep 3 lists up-to-date containing the finished games, the ones currently in development and the ones, I plan to develop some day.

Finished Games

Image Platforms Game Genre Categories Released Description

BeWHEELdering! Arcade 2D, Car, Sorting 2017

Casual sorting game, in which you control a Jeep driven by James Jeeply, who has been tasked with sorting wheels into the correct Wheel Sorting Outlet.

Free To Play!

Another Rocket Game Arcade 2D, Rocket 2017

Action packed 2D rocket game with a campaign story mode, single player mode (vs computer AI) and multiplayer mode (split-screen vs friends). Challenge your self and your friends in an old-school 2D rocket adventure with a great soundtrack and an online highscore leaderboard.

​Available on Steam!

In Development

Game Genre Categories Release Description
Puzzle 2D, Shapes, Puzzle 2018 A classic puzzle game, in which you have to strategically place shapes in the correct places/order to earn the most points etc.


Game Genre Categories Release Description
MeteOHNO! Arcade 2D, Rocket, Shooting ? Shooting game, in which you control a Rocket flown by Spacey Pete, who is trying to protect his home planet of Rocket Rock from a dangerous Meteor Storm
World DOOMination Strategy   ? Strategy game in which you control the fate of entire worlds.
Towering Tribulations RTS 2D, Building ? A real time strategy game, which hasn't quite been designed yet.