What is Games By Nemiz

Games By Nemiz is a website that contains games developed by a lone indie game developer, who enjoys developing games as much as he enjoys playing them. The website is meant to be a hub for the developed games as well as a place, where players can compare highscores, as they compete to be the best of the best.


I am Nemiz and I develop games.


Nemiz is of course just a nickname, which I have been using in the world of computers for many years now. You might have beaten someone called Nemiz in a late night Rocket League match once, or maybe you have been up against the wall, while a herd of zombies were rounding up on you and a team-mate called Nemiz in Left-4-Dead 2. If so, that was probably me.


Growing up with Amstrad, Nintendo, Amiga and PC.


My real name is Kenneth Strauss. I'm 40 years old and have been working professionally with software development since my early twenties. Looking back (way back), I first started developing games as a hobby sometime in the 80s, when I got an Amstrad CPC 464. As the years passed, I later got a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Gameboy (the original one), an Amiga 500 and eventually a PC. In that period of my life, playing games took over from developing them, and as time passed even further, even playing games faded into the background for a while, as a career within software development formed and life moved on.


The Another Rocket Game period.


In 2009 game development once again peaked my interest, as a friend and me ventured into a project of developing a rocket game inspired by the old Amiga classic called "Turbo Raketti". For years that had been one of those games, which we never quite stopped playing, because we simply enjoyed the 1 vs. 1 competition so much. We had great plans for Another Rocket Game, but were unfortunately never quite able to finish it. A playable demo exists though, which may eventually be added as a download to gamesbynemiz.com.

Update: Yay! About six months after writing the above paragraph, Another Rocket Game was released on Steam. Instead of altering the description above, I wanted to let it stand as a reminder, that things which seem impossible at one point, sometimes turn out not to be


Enter Unity.


Through the years, I had of course heard about Unity, and I had even tried downloading it a couple of times. It was however not until years later, that I realised how helpful it is and that I started developing my first game in the engine - a 2D arcade inspired sorting game called BeWHEELdering, which is the first game available to play here on gamesbynemiz.com. And here we are. The plan is to continue developing a number of smaller games, like BeWHEELdering, before moving on to larger projects - and to integrate the online highscore system in all of them. Hopefully people will take up the challenge to see, who can get the most points. Just like in the good old days




If you have feedback to one of the games on www.gamesbynemiz.com, questions in general or maybe a suggestion for changes or a new game idea/feature, you can contact me on this email address: